I'm Chris, a web dev with a love for design, open-source, and ai.



🚧 I build sites with.. React/Next, Alpine, Tailwind, Shopify, and WebGL.

🔥 Big fan of.. FOSS, design, AI art, F1, and nuclear energy.

🔭 Lastest hobby project.. is a slack bot to generate Dall-e images from Slack (Bolt, Next, Upstash, Vercel).

🌱 Currently learning.. how to live in the Fediverse. (fosstodon, peertube, nextcloud)

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🐘 fosstodon - 📸 pixelfed - 🤖 flickr - 🐉 bookwyrm

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🐙 github - 📄 poly.work - 👨 stackoverflow

this site

Static generation with 11ty, hosted on Netlify, coded by Copilot. As of Dec 3 2022, this site has a perfect Lighthouse score of x4 💯.

11ty - vite - tailwindcss - alpine - 11st starter-kit

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